Common Bond Cafe and Bakery: An Inside Look at this Year's HRW Dinner Menu

6:00 AM

Here it is, our first Houston Restaurant Weeks feature! And it's for none other than the beloved Common Bond Cafe and Bakery!

Not many people know that Common Bond offers more than just tasty pastries and coffee, but after last Spring's dinner menu preview, we've been obsessed with their savory menu as well. To say we were ecstatic to try their Houston Restaurant Weeks for this year would be an understatement.

The menu features a couple of their hottest dinner menu items as well as some exclusive dishes that could possibly even become a regular offering! Browse down. We hope you all get a chance to try their HRW menu this month because 1) it's for a good cause and 2) it's such a great deal for a 3 course meal and non-alcoholic beverage of your choice!


MAPLE CHILI GLAZED PORK BELLY (front) || Mexican street corn, parmesan, micro cilantro

SUMMER HARVEST SALAD (back) || Heirloom tomatoes, field greens, asparagus, baby zucchini, radish, goat cheese, green goddess dressing

CHILLED VICHYSSOISE SOUP (not pictured) || Fried leeks, chives, extra virgin olive oil

A variety of options here depending on what you want to start your meal off with. We tried the first two and both were perfect. The salad was light, refreshing, and that dressing is incredible, especially with the goat cheese. The pork belly is on the heavier side but was one of our favorites of the evening. It is slightly sweet and balanced by the Mexican street corn. All of them are not normally offered on their menus, so this is your chance to try something special to HRW!


LUMP CRAB CAKES (Top) || Edamame, corn, and zucchini succotach, brown butter tomato coulis

BEEF BOURGUIGNON (Right) || Braised beef, fingerling potatoes, carrots, pearl onions, baguette

BLACKENED PORK CHOP (Bottom) || Homestead cheddar grits, summer vegetables, tomato jam, dijon veloute

You really cannot go wrong with any of the second course options. My personal favorite was the Beef Bourguignon and Matt's was the Blackened Pork Chop, which is a HRW special!




The third option is the Chocolate Turtle Brownie. All great, of course.

If you get a chance to try Common Bond's HRW menu, let us know what you think! And we would love to hear your other HRW recommendations! Where else should we go?!

1706 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77006

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  1. I’d absolutely choose the pork chop for my second course!

    1. Oh great choice, especially since it's not on their regular menu!

  2. The BEEF BOURGUIGNON sounds Amazing! I’ve never actually had it before, and it would be amazing to try it at one of my favorite places in town. :-)

    1. Thank you for your comment! The beef bourguigon is amazing!! Hope you get the chance to try it, because the HRW deal is killer at Common Bond!



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