Shawarma Stop: A Truly Hidden Mediterranean Gem

7:13 AM

Its easy to obsess over the big name restaurants here in Houston, especially during Houston's Restaurant Weeks. However, the real beauty of our food scene is often found in the smaller, mom-and-pop kitchens, where we can get huge portions of authentic, tasty food for less than half the price. A prime example of this is Shawarma Stop. What originally started out as a food truck, Shawarma Stop got so popular with the regulars it opened up a more permanent location alongside a gas station off of Almeda and MacGregor. Now before you say, "What, a gas station?!" Here us out when we say the food is beyond incredible!


Not only did the wraps come out fairly quick, but it was toasted beautifully and had a very satisfying crunch. Drizzle a bit of their Tahini sauce on top, and you've got yourself one mouthwatering dish!


This plate took a little longer to prep due to the grilled kababs, but it was definitely worth the wait. It came with both a chicken and beef kabab, rice, a smal salad, pita bread, and hummus. Once again, we lathered it up in tahini sauce (because come on... who doesn't love sauce?!) and chowed down.

What we loved the most about this place though, is that you get a ton of food. By the end of the meal, between two full grown foodies, we still had to pack a box to go. If you ever want to grab a quick bite to eat or are looking for place to hit up after a night in Midtown, do yourself a favor and stop by here, you won't regret it. We also got intel that they will be opening a store front soon!

6019 Almeda Rd
Houston, TX 77004

Thank you Shawarma Stop for having us in! As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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